Our company undertakes the complete renovation of your apartment in Budapest. 
We deal with complete home renovation and general construction, which includes the coordination of all professions,
from the initial consulting to the handover of the cleaned apartment, the procurement of materials and the removal of 
construction waste.
Painting, decorating, cold-hot cladding, water-gas heating installation, professional,
accurate execution of electrical installation works. 
We only work with professional professionals to spare you from disappointments 
and say goodbye to you after handing over your apartment.

You can request a quote in the contact menu, at the e-mail address info@csongradbau.hu, 
or for a free on-site survey, call 06309540933!

- Painting, decorating, wallpapering
- Cold-hot cladding
- Water, gas, heating repairs
- Plasterboard, suspended ceilings
- Demolition works, shit removal
- Electrical installation